Guide to Mega Levels in Pokémon Go

Everything you need to know about Suicune in Pokémon Go

Mega Evolutions have become a pretty big part of the Pokémon games. Players have the option to use Mega Evolutions to make powerful monsters in boss fights, and now Niantic has brought the system in their flagship mobile title. You can even take part in Mega Raids to earn Candy, used to trigger the evolution. These more challenging boss battles offer much more rewards than standard raids, owed to their more difficult bosses.

Each Pokémon has several Mega Levels they can get, determining their power with these special evolutions. Players can get them to higher tiers of power by using them in Raids and other encounters. As we said there are three levels to this and each roster member starts at level 0.

All Mega Levels in Pokémon Go

Each Pokémon who can Mega Evolve starts at zero.  As you grow in power, so too will the Mega Levels of that monster. As you trigger more Evolutions, you get more powerful, it’s pretty simple. There are three Mega Levels for your Pokémon to get.  When you Mega-Evolve a Pokémon once, it will automatically reach Mega Level 1. The jump from level one to requires that Pokémon to complete seven Mega Evolutions, and to go from Mega Level two to three means reaching a sum total of 30 Mega Evolutions. Here’s a quick rundown of how it all works.

  • Mega Level 0 – Mega Evolve once
  • Mega Level 1 –  Mega Evolve seven times
  • Mega Level 2 – Mega Evolve 30 times
  • Mega Level 3

Mega Evolve cooldown timers

Every time they go up a tier, they change their cooldown timer, allowing Mega Evolutions to be used more often. At the lowest levels, it can take a full two weeks to recharge. At Mega Level 3, a Pokémon only takes three days before the cooldown timer resets. The longest possible cooldown timer is at level 0, with 14 days on the Mega Evolve cooldown timer. Level 1 has a seven-day timer. And along with that timer comes a larger reserve of Mega Energy, allowing for more uses of powerful moves in that form.

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And the increased efficiency isn’t the only thing you get.

All Mega Level rewards in Pokémon Go

In addition to increased effectiveness in battle, you get a bunch of other rewards. This list will recap all of the different parts to each reward. Every tier of Mega Levels has rewards attached. You not only get some bonuses to attacks, but those actually include the classic STAB, or Same Type Attack Bonus. You get 30% more attack damage thanks to STAB at all Mega Levels. Beyond that, you also get bonuses to catch candy rewards, which is great for completing your Dex. Here are all of the Mega Level rewards in Pokémon Go:

  • Level 0
    • Free Cooldown: 14 Days
    • Max Mega Energy Required: 200
    • Attack Bonus: 10%
    • Same Type Attack Bonus: 30%
    • Bonus Catch Candy: 1
  • Level 1
    • Free Cooldown: 7 Days
    • Max Energy Required: 41
    • Attack Boost: 10%
    • Attack Boost Same Type: 30%
    • Bonus Catch Candy: 1
  • Level 2
    • Free Cooldown: 5 Days
    • Max Energy Required: 21
    • Attack Bonus: 10%
    • Same Type Attack Bonus: 30%
    • Bonus Catch Candy: 1
    • XP Catch Bonus Candy: 50
    • XL Candy Chance: 10%
  • Level 3
    • Free Cooldown: 3 Days
    • Max Energy Required: 11
    • Attack Boost: 10%
    • Same Type Attack Bonus: 30%
    • Bonus Catch Candy: 2
    • XP Catch Bonus: 100
    • XL Candy Chance: 25%
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