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WWE 2K20 has a Y2K-esque bug that prevents it from working

WWE 2K20

The new year has rung in, and in 2020 there’s plenty of excitement for video games and those that play them. Of course 2019 and 2020 were not without various issues and problematic launches. One of the more infamous launches of 2019 comes from 2K, a publisher that has been plagued with consistent backlash over choices they made in the games they release. The release of WWE 2K20 was so buggy that it was considered completely unplayable, and a rather poor game overall. The release has worse visuals, less polished gameplay, and plenty of problems that fans of the franchise noticed.

Many gamers are blaming the laziness and rushed development as a result of 2K pushing the game way before it was ready. WWE 2K20 was racked with bugs and issues with crashes. The developer, Visual Concepts, was previously a support studio for the franchise. Although issues with the development methodology and the wishes of the publisher, the company had to pick up the slack. This change in developer led to myriad problems with development, and a distinct lack of polish on the final product.

Now it appears as though one more bug has topped all the previous ones. A “Y2K” error has caused the internal clocks for the software, and possibly the servers too, to stop working entirely. Reports are flooding in from gamers who are unable to access any content with WWE 2K20. If you would like to see the problem in action, check out a somewhat funny video by one user down below. Be aware though, there’s some filthy language in the video.

2K Games is apparently aware of the matter, noting in a tweet, “Hey Superstars! We are aware of the issues related to #WWE2K20 crashing and are currently investigating. We are working towards a solution and will update you all when we have more information.”

2K and developer  have been issuing a variety of patches for the game. The recent 1.06 patch fixed dozens of bugs on the game, focusing on a variety of areas and modes. It seems that this date bug sneaked underneath notice. There’s no word yet on when 2K Games will issue a fix for this major issue. We can be certain that they eventually will, as it completely destroys any attempt to the play the game itself.

This is just another problem for 2K, as they just cannot seem to escape problems even in 2020. The publisher has been constantly blasted over gambling and pay-to-win mechanics in their sports games. A problem that also infested the later releases of their wrestling titles.

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