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Where to get the broom emote in Final Fantasy XIV

How to get the broom emote in Final Fantasy XIV

With the newest patch in FF 14, there’s some new cosmetic stuff to be claimed. It’s a fairly simple patch in that regard. This new patch focuses hard on the  Ishgardian Restoration and makes it the final push to get new ranks and items for the content. This means players will be rushing for said content. You can claim various prizes for scrips from Enie, but more on that later.

To get the new broom emote in Final Fantasy XIV, you need to get Skybuilders Scrips. Check below to figure out how to do that. After obtaining the 1,800 scrips, speak with Enie (X:12, Y:14). But the item called “Ballroom Etiquette – Next, Godliness” then use it. This will unlock the new emote for you.

You can also buy “Ballroom Etiquette – Next, Godliness” from the Market Board. Keep in mind that you’re bound to pay a premium when the item is new. It’s going for a few hundred thousand Gil on many servers. You could see a price drop when the item ages a bit. And don’t worry, with the number of players farming the Scrips for new items, there should be a steady supply.

How to get Skybuilders Scrips

You will be able to get these after you unlock the Ishgardian Restoration in the Firmament. You will want to gather Collectibles and other items for appraisal to earn the currency. Head to Enie (X:12.0 Y:14.0) to trade in your Scrips. So how do you get them?

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The most common way is through crafting, The higher the recipe, the more of a reward you get. You can speak with Potkin in the Firmament (X:12.2 Y14.6) to see what’s available to craft. You will want to focus on the highest options you  have, Level 70 and 80 options award the highest numbers of scrips. Level 80 collectible items are the best for this.

Concerted works are one way. You will want to start by checking the skybuilders’ board in the Firmament. Concerted works begin each hour when they are active, and any player in range can take part. On the skybuilders’ board, situated in the Firmament (X11.4 Y:14.1), players will find information such as what Concerted Works are coming up.

Special furniture, emotes, and more are available for purchase through this method, including the broom emote in Final Fantasy XIV.

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