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When does Elite Dangerous: Odyssey release?

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey

Elite Dangerous is a huge game with a living universe all its own. Players zip around space and explore planets, stars and more. Planetary exploration is an area that has been getting a lot of attention in recent content updates. And with Elite Dangerous: Odyssey, that’s going to be the case even more. The trailer released for the new content teases a lot exploration, including some new weaponry and ground-based combat.

Check out the trailer for Elite Dangerous: Odyssey down below. It’s pretty cool and shows us what Frontier Developments has planned.

The content has no firm release date yet. Developer Frontier Developments has only shared an early 2021 release date, and that could change. More details are on the way, it’s just a little unclear at the moment. We know that players will be seeing more content on the surface of planets, and new gameplay mechanics around that too. In terms of what other content we should expect it’s pretty wide open. Players can expect new ships and vehicles as a start. Because if the developers will expand planetary landings, we need more content and vehicles to mess around with.

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Other content that will be seen could be some new space ships, and of course new missions for existing factions and the like.

As was the case with the Horizons content updates, Elite Dangerous: Odyssey is likely to be a paid batch of new content. So when it does release, expect to see it come out as part of another season pass. If Odyssey follows the same example as Horizons, it will be added in stages. Price points have yet to be released though, although it will be probably released for around $30.

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