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Sea of Thieves Season One Explained

Sea of Thieves Season One, and other seasons, explained

Sea Of Thieves Season One is incoming much sooner than many seemed to think. The new content update that pushes the game into a new update structure is due out this week. Here’s what we know so far about how Seasons will work in the game.

Back when Rare originally announced Sea Of Thieves Season One, and the advent of seasonal content, folks were excited. The addition of a more focused and consistent series of updates is great for a GaaS title like this. The seasonal updates will bring new systems to the game, and last approximately three months each.

Sea Of Thieves Season One

Season One will kick things off with a new server-based progression system. As players increase their new Pirate Renown rank they can unlock various rewards. The new content within the Pirate Renown system has 100 ranks of unlocks, with a bigger focus on limited cosmetics and other unique rewards.

This means you can earn up to 100 different cosmetic items from the first set of rewards, if you’re hardcore enough to grind them out. Renown will be handed out for completing Voyages, in-game events and daily tasks. You can also earn it by hitting various milestones while playing the game. So if you want to avoid losing treasure by getting sunk, you can earn Renown without too much risk to your haul. This means you can do things like defeating skeletons, discovering new islands and more to earn points in the track.

Additionally, hardcore players can invest in the Plunder Pass. This premium rewards track offers an extra level of unlocks as well as the basic free levels. So if you want the best reward possible out of the game, go for the Plunder Pass, This new paid feature can unlock up to 11 items within the Pirate Emporium.

Along with all that, there’s a new stable of quests. The Merchant Alliance will bring a new batch of quests, and yes that includes chicken fetching, for players to complete. These new Voyages can be undertaken to increase ranks on the Pirate Renown track, as well as increasing reputation-based levels with the featured faction. It’s likely that each following season will continue this by adding new items and quests for each faction.

Sea Of Thieves Season One begins Thursday, January 28 in Sea of Thieves on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC.

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