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Resident Evil Village leaks reveal multiplayer modes and more

Resident Evil Village leaks reveal multiplayer modes and more

A new set of leaks for Capcom’s upcoming RE sequel have details on what to expect from the new game. We already know some of this, but it’s nice to get confirmation. The multiplayer mode of Resident Evil Village and the various collector’s editions have leaked, for example. Here’s what we know so far.

A Humble Bundle listing suggests that these leaks are legitimate as well, adding to rumors around the new title. Capcom has been very tight-lipped about the sequel though. Resident Evil Village already had to deal with story leaks late last year, so this is all pretty much expected. After all, games leak all the time in this day and age.

As to what the leaks revealed, it’s all very interesting. That multiplayer mode was a big focus for the leaks, and has been revealed as Resident Evil Re: Verse. No one was really sure, other than Capcom, if the multiplayer mode was coming at all. I guess we know now. A website for the mode was also revealed, but has since been taken offline.

There’s a private test phase for Resident Evil Re: Verse coming on January 28th, although details on what kind of gameplay to expect were not included in the leak. Capcom has let it slip that the mode is built for about 6 players, so possibly another asymmetrical multiplayer outing.

There were also bunches of details about pre-order bonuses and different colletor’s editions coming to the game too. The games that count themselves among the die-hard faithful might be interested to know that multiple versions of Resident Evil Village are coming. There’s the Digital Deluxe edition which includes various items including some cosmetics, minus something called the Trauma Pack.  The Trauma Pack includes “the “Samurai Edge” weapon, the ‘Mr. Everywhere’ accessory, a screen filter and special safe room background music.”

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And then there are the pre-order bonuses. The pre-order bonuses include Mr. Racoon Weapon Charm, a Survival Resources Pack, and a Resident Evil Village Mini Soundtrack.

Along with the scheduled reveal event today, we can expect to finally get more details about a release date and what the game is actually like. We don’t quite know what platforms or the release date for the game.  There’s obviously going to be some console ports, just not sure which platforms will be supported.

We already confirmed Resident Evil Village as coming to PC as well, meaning that fans all over the globe can enjoy the title in all its gross glory. We can expect more news during the revealed event today. The showcase event is set to begin on January 21 at 2 PM PT / 5 PM ET. We will be on top of getting the news out as fast as possible when it does break.

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