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What to Do With Old Gear in New World

How to get fish filets in New World

It can take a very long time to learn a new game. The more complex the builds and abilities in an MMO, the longer this process can take. That also applies to the various gameplay systems. Some things aren’t always as obvious to some players. And when it comes to inventory management, things can get messy. Sometimes you need to get rid of older stuff, and this guide will help with that.

One of the more important things you will need in this game is to get a constant supply of Repair Parts. These are a currency used to keep tools and gear in good shape. Players will need a constant supply to keep their gathering tools and other items in play. without Repair Parts, you won’t be able to keep playing. Breaking down old gear in this game is the best way to get more. This is the primary use for old gear in New World.

Press the Tab key to open your inventory, and then click on the equipment you want to salvage then click on the Salvage Button. Press E to confirm breaking down the old gear.

You can also head to a Settlement and sell older gear at the Trading Post. Not everything will sell, even early in the game’s life. Pick and choose your rarest gear that you want to dispose of. The more powerful the item, the more likely it is to sell. Find a Trading Post in any town and click the Sell button to use the vendor.

There’s even a “My Sellable Items” button that will show the junk you have in your inventory that can be listed for trade. This can really speed up the selling process.

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There’s a bunch more stuff to learn about the basics of this MMO. You might also want to learn how to respec your build. There are also tons of materials you can gather and craft. There’s a lot of basic stuff like Rawhide and various basic ingredients that you need a lot of. Rarer materials like Steel and Starmetal are useful as well. With all that new stuff, you might want to know how to get bigger bags to carry it all. Having a good supply of healing items is very important as well.

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