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New Apex Legends cinematic reveals Rampart backstory

Apex Legends Rampart Backstory Video

The newest trailer for Apex Legends Season 6 has arrived. Fans are getting their first look at Rampart, the newest addition to the game’s roster. The new cinematic trailer has a few teases of her abilities within, as well as showing how she got here. We also learn a bit more about who Rampart was before she joined the Apex Games.

The trailer comes to us ahead of the full launch of Apex Legends Season 6 on August 18. There will be more reveals ahead of that though, at least one will be the gameplay for the new hero. But we will have to wait until that drops. For now, let’s get back to Rampart and her backstory. She’s quite the character. Check out the new trailer for the icon down below.

It’s interesting to see how Rampart has a connection to other Legends Gibraltar and Bangalore. We see younger versions of those two, and it’s kind of a treat for hardcore fans. There are some coy elements here with tying the new hero into two missile mains, given that Rampart uses her own brand of heavy weapons. It’s almost a joke brewing here as a result of the way the trailer frames this whole thing.

We also get some peeks at a few other things beyond some interesting characters. Players really paying attention may spot some iconic  Titanfall weapons, including the upcoming Volt SMG. The new SMG is bringing the pain in Season 6, so it’s nice to get a little nod to it in there. It also appears that Kuben Blisk and Rampart have something going on. The story isn’t clear, but it is clear that there’s more to it than meets the eye.

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