How to Complete the Red Queen Challenge in BitLife

How to become a King or Queen in BitLife

Some challenges in BitLife are easier than others. This week, the Red Queen Challenge in BitLife, is one of the stranger ones we’ve run into. You need to become royalty, which is very reliant on RNG in normal gameplay. If you don’t want to buy into God Mode, it may be advisable to skip this challenge. Having to constantly remake characters rolling for a royal life is a very time-consuming process.

Here are the steps you need to complete.

How to Complete the Red Queen Challenge in BitLife

Here is how to complete the Red Queen Challenge in BitLife:

  • Become a Queen
  • Stay married for 25+ years
  • Own a haunted royal estate
  • Make 10+ friends
  • Use 10+ different execution methods to kill your friends

Becoming Royalty

The most difficult part of this BitLife challenge is owning a haunted royale estate. You will likely need to start as Royalty to get this done. Having the money from the beginning will make this all so much easier. Without that, you need to be born in the right country, and then be lucky enough for the RNG to make you royalty. This is one of the more annoying challenges to finish without God Mode.

Royal Bitizens have special options for events and choices they can make throughout their lives. You will need to take advantage of many of these to complete this task this week. Being royalty is not enough either, you need to become a Queen. Becoming a King or Queen in BitLife is a very involved process. Start by using the list of countries with royalty and making a Bitizen until you get into a royal family. You will need to eventually grow up, and you should be able to become a Queen when your mother dies.

Getting Spooky

The estate you need to own as a royal needs to be haunted. This is very reliant on RNG. You can stack the odds a bit in your favor. Normally, you need to just have a ghost show up at one of your properties, but there’s a better way than hoping to get haunted. The best way to increase your chances of having a haunted royal estate is to have several dead relatives, friends, or even old characters that you no longer play.

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Building and Breaking Friendships

When you want to execute someone, you first need to be royalty, so work on building friendships and getting a life-long romance while you wait for your parents to croak. Once you have ascended the throne, it’s time to start making heads roll. When you get to the heights of power, sometimes, random events can happen that give you this option.

During the time you build up your friendships, you also need to establish a good marriage. Keep your partner happy and they will stay with you for your entire life. Once you have plenty of friends and family around you, it’s time to start really making a mess.

You gain the option to execute someone when you have reached the peak of royal power. When picking your country, make sure to pick one that has a powerful monarchy. Use the option under your menus to execute your friends when you achieve this. Executing people does bring your respect down. The less respect you have, so you may end up with a rebellion if you’re not careful.

There are all the steps you need to complete to finish the Red Queen Challenge in BitLife.

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