How to Survive A Fever in Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid

One of the core mechanics in Project Zomboid learning how to keep your character alive. Moodles are a huge part of that. Players pick various traits when designing their characters. This has two major impacts: one is that you determine skill-based bonuses; the other helps you immerse into your character for the sake of roleplaying. Both can be a ton of fun to fool around with. But much like real life, not everything is all sunshine and rainbows. Another aspect of the game that can be pretty dangerous is sickness. You can actually get a Fever in Project Zomboid, here’s what to do about that.

Fever in this game is usually a symptom of other problems, so you need to be constantly vigilant. The first thing you need to learn is what Moodles to look out for. important identifier are the Moodles which appear at the top right of your UI while in-game. These denote both positive and negative effects that can apply to your character. Green ones are usually good, while red ones are bad. If you see the following Moodles, that’s a bad sign: Queasy, Nauseous, Sick, Fever. That’s a sign to start taking care of yourself.

How to Survive A Fever in Project Zomboid

The Fever moodle in this game can be dangerous. It can cause your character to overheat, or can even be a sign of a worse disease.

The best offense is a good defense when it comes to fevers and other aspects of infection in PZ. The following elements of gameplay can spread disease. You need to do these things as little as possible.

  • Eating raw/bad food: It takes 1.5 hours to be inflicted with a Queasy moodle. The more times you do this in a day, the more severe the effects will be.
  • Drinking tainted water: Tainted water (not boiled) is a huge risk, don’t drink raw water from lakes, streams and other open bodies of water.
  • Staying near many rotting corpses: You’ll suffer from Fever in Project Zomboid after staying close to at least 20 zombie corpses in 22 hours (in-game time).
  • Smoking: Consuming 8 cigarettes can also affect your health with various Moodles.
  • Being wet: Standing out in the rain or in wet clothes too long can make you ill, don’t do it.
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Though prevention is one way to deal with the problem, there are treatment options. Antibiotics can help if you can get lucky and find them. The reduce infection by 50%. If you can’t get those, you can simply rest and pass the time. Go into a secured hideout and  go to sleep as much as you can. Avoid any strenuous activity and you will be able to overcome a fever in a few in-game days.

There are plenty of other things to learn about the game as well. Before you go out on that supply run, make sure you’re well prepared for what’s to come. Basic tasks like boiling water are key to survival. You must know how to build defenses too. Cleaning up after yourself after all the zombie slaying is a good idea. You don’t want a bunch of blood hanging around. Burning corpses is also a great thing to do. It’s a good idea to learn how to deal with cuts and burns as well, which can keep you alive.

Finally, it’s a great idea to know how to alter the game settings, like removing zombie respawning. That can be pretty handy if you find the default game too hard.

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