How to heal a laceration in Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid

There are many little things you need to do to survive in Project Zomboid. There are many skills to level, and gear to find; there are tons to build as well. Players can learn to build bases with carpentry, or to make complex electronics.  As you fight off the zombies and uncover new details, you might encounter some trouble. When attacked by zombies, you could be bitten, scratched or otherwise wounded. It’s also a bad idea to go crawling through broken windows, as that can often inflict a laceration in Project Zomboid.

How to heal a laceration in Project Zomboid

There are many types of wounds in this game. Some of them are much easier to deal with compared to others. And if you don’t pay attention to your wounds, you’re going to get an infection, and might even die. When you notice this happening, and see a deep red cut on your body, look at the listing on the right. Anytime you have a laceration you will see it listed there, along with any bleeding debuffs.

Each wound type has a unique mark on it when viewed via the health screen. The health icon will shake on the left side of the screen will shake when you have a wound. Failing to pay attention to these icons and knowing how to respond can kill you very fast.

  • Mouth-shaped marks are bites
  • Cuts with deep red are lacerations
  • Brown marks on large areas are burns
  • Broken bones are for fractures
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When you have a bandage, click the heart icon on the left of your screen. This will bring up the Health screen. Click on the wound and bandage it. The idea with most wounds is that you keep bandaging and cleaning them over time. When the bandage becomes dirty from use, you need to change it for a fresh one. When you change it out, apply a bottle of disinfectant to the wound before you apply a new bandage, this will help prevent infection.

You may also want to put time into fixing up your clothes. This can help you stay warm in colder environs. Cleaning up blood and corpses in the area around you can help with your mood and health as well. You can make bandages from sheets, so you might want to stock up on those.

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