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Call of Duty: Warzone’s newest map is dropping this December

Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific

Call of Duty: Warzone is an incredibly popular battle royale game.  The release of new content has kept the game fresh, but new maps have been something folks have wanted for a long time. According to the latest Call of Duty blog post, Warzone players are getting a complete overhaul with a brand new map.

Called Warzone Pacific, the developers are focusing on pairing the new game mode and map with the launch of Vanguard. The three modes: Vanguard, Pacific and Zombies, will all play together. The big focus of this massive map is World War II theme. The World War II-themed island is “roughly the size of Verdansk,” but will feature more than 200 POIs that offer named locations. Callouts are going to be a big ask on this huge location.

Since it’s being deployed as a part of Vanguard’s first season of content, there’s going to be a lot of parity. Cross-play of all kinds, including elements of shared progression, will be a big part of all this. The shared integration with Vanguard means that all weapons, cosmetics, and leveling progression collected in the upcoming title will transfer to Pacific as well.

Pacific, as well as Warzone as a whole, will also support RICOCHET Anti-Cheat. This new method for tackling cheaters is desperately needed. As part of the Season One update, RICOCHET Anti-Cheat will deploy the server-side upgrades to Warzone that allows for better tracking and reporting of cheaters. The patch will also include a bunch of client-side fixes.

All this new stuff releases on November 5 for Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. There’s a bunch of other stuff coming after that as well. Here’s a quick breakdown.

  • October 28 (Console) and November 2 (PC): Call of Duty: Vanguard Pre-Loading Begins
  • November 5: Call of Duty: Vanguard Launch Vanguard begins with Campaign, Multiplayer, and Zombies. Additionally, RICOCHET Anti-Cheat begins.
  • November 5 to December 2: Preseason in Vanguard  Access to Free Vanguard Tiers on the Black Ops Cold War Season Six Battle Pass wrapup.
  • November 18: Operation: Flashback Begins in Warzone for Verdansk
  • November 24: Uncover the “Secrets of the Pacific”
  • November 30 and December 1: Last Hours of Verdansk
  • December 2: Season One Begins
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