How to respec your character and skills in Nioh 2

How to respec your character and skills in Nioh 2

Nioh 2 has some very tough combat, with plenty of bosses and powerful enemies to take down. Thanks to the power of the Yokai, you will have all the tools you need to make your way through this adventure. The bosses of Nioh 2 sometimes need a change of tactics to be defeated, as not every one is the same. Lucky for players though, there’s a way to respec your character choices at any time.

The key to doing this is to get the Book of Reincarnation. This item can be used to reset all of you level-ups and the skill points you have applied, making it simple to redo your character for a tough fight. Luckily for players though, the item can be obtained fairly early in the story of Nioh 2.

There is one vital note to keep in mind with respeccing though. The weapons in this game earn skill points independently, which means that if you redo your levels, the points spent on the weapon you were using at the time will be reset, but cannot be transferred to a new weapon. If you want to

Where to get the Book of Reincarnation

As a part of the second main mission in the game, A Beast Born of Smoke and Flame, there’s a boss called Ippon-Datara. This demonic fool is your target for the mission and you must defeat him to progress. Once you rescue the Blacksmith he was holding hostage, that’s your ticket to the Book of Reincarnation. Go down the ladder near the boss arena and look for her in that cave there, she sells the Book of Reincarnation for 10,000 gold.

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Get as many of the Book of Reincarnation as you can grab, as there appears to be no upper limit on the number of times you can respec in Nioh 2. but they do increase in price each time, so there is some kind of limit based on the amount of currency you have.


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