How to farm Umbral Traces for Strife quest in Destiny 2

How to farm Umbral Traces in Destiny 2

You will need Umbral Traces in Destiny 2 to partake in a variety of activities in the new Season of Arrivals. Taking part in farming the resource will be part of various quest chains. Both the Means to an End and the In The Face of Darkness questlines will need various resources as you run them. This resource is being used to herd players into engaging with various types of content. And it looks to be changing.

It seems that Bungie is content with shuffling the goalposts around a bit. The week of June 15 has seen the requirements for farming Umbral Traces change a bit. Previously, you had to target certain game modes, now those modes have changed when farming for Umbral Traces for the Strife quests in particular.

You need to take on one of these four game modes to farm Umbral Traces for Strife questlines in Destiny 2.

  • Escalation Protocols
  • Gambit matches
  • Gambit Prime matches
  • The Reckoning
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Whether you’re into PvE or PvP, you have some options. Gambit or Gambit Prime matches are the go-to for those looking into PvP. The Reckoning is also a great way to earns some quality armor bits. The Escalation Protocols on Mars makes for a nice PvE break too. If you’re into the public events like this, you will enjoy farming for these Traces here.

And since these quests are refreshing each week, it’s a good idea to do them regularly. It’s also a very good use of your time to stop over at the Drifter to pick up bounties to complete between runs of the game modes listed above. These will not earn you more Umbral Traces, but it’s a good way to receive additional rewards like XP.

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