How to get challenge swaps in Halo Infinite

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The new titan of the FPS genre has arrived. The game has a bunch of new stuff, both in terms of gameplay and cosmetic elements. As players blast their way through the new maps and game modes, things are bound to get more competitive. The push to get higher in ranks will become pretty hard, so players will eventually want to get more challenges.

These are super useful as they can offer special rewards and boosts to help with the grind. Challenges are available both in the daily and weekly variety. The weekly ones change on Monday, every seven days. Daily challenges are normally replaced automatically every 24 hours, though you can use these to swap them out manually. In this guide, we’re going to share what you need to do to get challenge swaps and how they work.

What are Challenge Swaps?

The Challenge Swap is a consumable available to players in Halo Infinite that allows for an unwanted challenge to be exchanged for another random one. To use it, players must view their current challenges and press the icon next to the challenge they wish to replace.  Go into the Battle Pass Menu to see what items you have, and the Swap will be among the list.

How to get challenge swaps in Halo Infinite

How do you get more Challenge Swaps?

Challenge Swaps are a consumable item that players need to earn to use. The more challenges you complete and the more Battle Pass goals you achieve, you get more Swaps. These can then be used at your leisure.

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Another way players can increase their battle pass rank and be rewarded with more Challenge Swaps is to use XP Boosts. These are another consumable item that gives the player using them a one-hour boost to their XP gain. It’s a doubling, so it’s pretty useful. By the way, you can only get these boosts as part of the Premium Battle Pass, so keep that in mind. By spending them, you can earn more rewards on the Battle Pass, which often include cosmetics and other items, including challenge swaps in Halo Infinite.

The only way to get more XP Boosts to spend on Challenge Swaps is to buy them. Challenge Swaps and XP Boosts are also available in the Boost and Swap Pack, available to be purchased from the Halo Infinite in-game shop with currency. The pack costs 200 credits.

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