How to Complete the Eat Pray Love Challenge in BitLife

How to Complete the Eat Pray Love Challenge in BitLife

This week, we’re looking down on another BitLife challenge. Become a globetrotting and wealthy author by completing this challenge. You can live out various fantasies and zany lifestyles in the mobile game, and this week is no different. Become a famous author and get to see the world. All as you live out the desire to be like the icon Oprah Winfrey. Here’s what you need to do for the Eat Pray Love Challenge in BitLife.

How to Complete the Eat Pray Love Challenge in BitLife

  • Be born in the United States
  • Become a famous author
  • Get divorced
  • Experience Mediterranean food in Italy
  • Achieve inner peace in India
  • Find love in Indonesia

To begin this challenge, you can be any gender, just be born in the United States. You need to work on becoming a famous author. That involves pushing a lot of books out that find you success. This can take a lot of time, so keep writing and you will eventually get there. You will need to go to University and get into the English degree program. When you get out of school, start writing.

When you get into the swing of things, you can pump out a lot of books. When you first get started though, you will need to work writing for a publisher first. Keep at it and you will eventually get to be a famous author.

While you’re doing that, be sure to knock out all of the other aspects of the Eat Pray Love Challenge in BitLife. That means traveling after getting married and divorced. This means you need to work on getting a relationship first. So while grinding away at that writing gig, work on that. You can first start by immigrating to Italy, do that from the travel menu. Once there you go on a Mediterranean diet.

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Finding inner peace in India involves more travel, so get going. To complete this step, move to India and meditate there. Once you’re done with that activity, it’s time for the final step. You need to move on to Indonesia. You now need to rekindle that romantic interest and get married again. That will complete the final step.

Now that you have all the steps completed, you can complete the Eat Pray Love Challenge in BitLife.

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