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Overwatch teases new Hero, Sigma

Overwatch Adding Role Queue

So it turns out that there’s even more good news today for Overwatch fans. A short Developer Update, Jeff Kaplan returns to deliver the good news. Overwatch is getting some new content, and even a new hero.

There’s a lot of swirling theories about who this new hero is. And just for clarity, this is the 31st hero to be added to the FPS. Some fans lean toward Sigma, a new Tank with a dark story linked directly to Talon and the evil underbelly of the Overwatch world.

These kind of short teasers haven’t been a thing for a while. The developer last used this as a means for pushing Sombra, the hacker Hero introduced as the first post-launch character. Another recent addition to the roster, Baptiste, was a lot more open in their presentation. So this new hero being teased in such a manner might have some fans waiting on the edge of their seats for more news.

Blizzard has also been adding other content to the game of course. The new Role queue system was debuted on the PTR today, allowing gamers to target specific play styles in Quick Play.

Overwatch is out now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, offering plenty of multiplayer shooter action for all ages. The FPS also boasts an incredibly popular and well-watched Esports scene with the Overwatch League.

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