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A new Lure in Pokémon Go has been debuted. The new lure, much like the other kinds, will attract Pokémon. You can trigger a lure to get boosted spawns in an area for up to 1 hour. It’s pretty handy for getting tons of CP fodder for Candy, or just to get some spawns you might be missing. Niantic has been expanding the lure options over the years to include Lures for certain types as well. In this guide, we’ll cover how you can get a Mossy Lure and why you need them in Pokémon Go; but also, you can learn what they can do.

Mossy Lure in Pokémon Go Explained

The item was added this week as part of the new event in-game. Niantic announced it today, saying, “Trainers, new Pokemon can now be attracted to Mossy Lure Module starting April 20, 2022.” This new lure is another type-focused one. Bug, Grass, and Poison-type Pokémon will be attracted by the Mossy Lure in Pokémon Go.

To use your mossy lure, you need to press the Poké Stop you want to use it on, and click at the top plus icon. That will allow you to choose a Lure to be used. For the duration of the event, you will get your hands on additional spawns in the area around where you placed the Lure. Most Trainers will often put Lures on high-traffic areas to help each other out. So save your Lures to find the types you want.

How to get Mossy Lures in Pokémon Go

To get more lures in Pokémon Go, you need to often wait for events if you don’t want to spend money. Niantic will sometimes give away boxes with various items for the duration of the event. For example, during Sustainability Week 2022, all players receive a Mossy Lure with the event box. That’s not guaranteed to happen though, so don’t keep counting on it.

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However, more often than not, you will need to purchase a Mossy Lure from the Pokémon Go in-game store. Currently, the Lure is available for 180 PokéCoins per Lure. You can get more Coins by either buying them or by completing certain events and Gym dominations. Players will just have to deal that the Mossy Lure is meant to be an RMT item. Niantic may give away some of them during events to appeal to players. You should check the free gifts in the in-game store each time you play. It’s a pretty easy way to get Poitions, Balls and more. And if you’re lucky, you can get some Lures and other premium items.

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