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Valheim’s Hearth and Home Update Release Date Revealed!

Valheim Patch 0.146.8

IronGate AB has announced the first major expansion for their hit Viking sim, Valheim. Valheim’s Hearth and Home will be coming out next month. The big focus on this patch is on laying the groundwork for future content. Players will be able to encounter new missions, bosses and more. In the new gameplay trailer, players get to see what the new content will be.

The first major update for Valheim’s early access Hearth and Home will be released on September 16th. When that patch drops, there’s a ton changing in Valheim. The content will likely pick up after the game’s current 4th boss, judging by the trailer. Check out the trailer for the new expansion down below.

The new content will include new bosses to fight, as well as new biomes to explore. Players will likely get a bunch of new base items to craft too. Hearth and Home will also kick off a phase of new updates to the game. The developer has revealed a huge roadmap for the future of the game. The new roadmap lays out months worth of new patches, adding tons of new features. Players can expect another expansion called Cult of the Wolf, for one thing.

Another new patch will add some new ocean-based content and ships to explore with. Players can also expect new enemies, crafting items and more to be added in later updates. You can find the full roadmap linked below as well. No firm release dates have been revealed for Cult of the Wolf, or later content. Given that it took this long to get the first major expansion, we could be waiting a while.

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Valheim’s Hearth and Home Update Roadmap

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