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Wolfenstein: Youngblood and Cyberpilot have gone gold

Wolfenstein Youngblood Announced

So two more titles in the upcoming slate of titles are ready for shipment. Wolfenstein: Youngblood and Cyberpilot have gone gold.

In the video game industry, and much of the media-based entertainment industry, “going gold” has a bit of an interesting past. The term has been around since the CD-ROM days when copies of discs were pressed from a gold “master”. The process for manufacturing DVDs, Blu-rays and other disc-based media has evolved a fair bit since then, but the term has stuck around. In video games, “going gold” usually refers to a game that has finished development and version 1.0 has begun the process of manufacture and distribution to retailers, or being validated for digital sales.

So basically, even though many games aren’t sold physically, the term has stuck around because it sounds cool.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood is the latest spin-off title in the legendary FPS franchise that began with the iconic Wolfenstein 3D. stars the two twin daughters of series star BJ Blazkowicz as they hunt for their missing father, all while fighting a desperate battle against the remains of the Nazi’s tyrannical rule.

The other game being sent to the factory is Cyberpilot. This is a VR spinoff within the same franchise where you play a resistance hacker fighting a digital war against Fascism.

Both games are set to launch soon, with pre-loads for both games beginning soon. The periods for these games on all platforms will kick off as follows:

  • Xbox One – Preload will begin on July 23 at 8:00am ET (1pm UK time)
  • PlayStation 4 – Preload will begin 48 hours before launch in your territory
  • Steam/BNET – Preload will begin on July 23 at 1:00pm ET (6pm UK time)

Both games are set for release on July 26th.

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