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How to Get Repair Parts in New World

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As you level up, that basic stuff just won’t cut it anymore. New weapons and gear will need to be made. You will also need to worry about crafting new bags to expand your inventory space. If you’re deep into the crafting, all that material takes up a lot of space. But to make all of that, and do any cooking or other jobs, you need materials. There’s a lot of things you need to do, and a lot of tools you’re going to use.

Having success in this game is all about being able to explore. Tons of hidden fights and other content can be a pathway to major resources and gear. And with the crafting system incentivizing traveling around, it becomes important to know the world around you. As such, Fast Travel in New World is pretty important. You will want to jump around the world and hunt down these various items. You might also want to find ore nodes like Gold and Iron.

How to Get Repair Parts in New World

Repair Parts the required materials used to repair your items as you use them. The idea is that instead of expending crafting items on a new tool, you just repair it. Thing is, it’s kind of hard to find these items, as Repair Kits seem to be intentionally a bit rare.

The main way of getting Repair Parts is through salvaging your loot. Each time you break down an item, you get a certain number of Repair Parts back. You must break down armor and weapons to get them, as these parts don’t drop from ores and other raw resources. You also get a small amount of gold back from doing it. Hold the “S” key while left-clicking the particular item you want to salvage, to do this.

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The more beatup an item is, the more resources it takes to fix it. The problem is, most players won’t have a stash of gear they can just throw away by salvaging, at least not without effort. Quests and side missions are a great way to get more throwaway items for these repair kits. You can easily gather a bunch of loot chests and pop them to get low-level weapons. Take the materials you salvage and save them for keeping your gear in tip-top shape. Weapon and Armor Cases are perfect for doing this.

How to Repair Items

To repair the items, hover over them and hold “R” and press the left-click button. Confirm and it will repair it using the required number of Repair Parts to bring it back to full durability. The one thing to remember is that when you repair an item, it loses a portion of its maximum durability. Eventually, you will need to replace an item as its durability rating gets too low.

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