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Dead by Daylight Darkness Among Us released

Dead by Daylight Darkness Among Us Adds Legion Killer

The latest update for Dead by Daylight is upon us, and this new chapter brings a terrifying new element to the popular competitive horror game.

For those of you who might now know, Dead by Daylight is a team-based game where a group of survivors must survive an onslaught from a horrifying killer, and then escape by completing certain puzzles or satisfying certain challenges. Player must refuel generators, disarm traps and practice plenty of stealth while being hunted by a supernatural psychopath. Dead by Daylight includes a variety of choices for killers, both based on popular fiction, or completely new insane creations. The killer is on their own and has one goal, killing everyone else.

And in Darkness Among Us, that roster of murderers just got longer. The Darkness Among Us DLC adds in a new killer, Legion. This new terrifying enemy is a cannibalistic lunatic with a knack for hunting prey, and a perpetual hunger. Legion can enter into a Feral Frenzy which drastically increases his movement speed, making him really dangerous for fleeing survivors. He also has a chance to inflict Deep Wounds when landing a hit during these Frenzied moments. Deep Wound is a new mechanic that will put a player into a dying state after a certain amount of time, unless the Survivor takes the time to heal up.

Legion has several unique Perks as well which enhance his abilities. Here are the Legion’s three unique Perks that will enable them to maximize the strength of their Feral Frenzy:

  • Discordance: If two or more Survivors are working on the same Generator, the Generator’s aura is highlighted.
  • Mad Grit: While carrying a survivor, the Killer suffers no cooldown for missed attacks. Landing an attack pauses the carried Survivor’s wiggle timer briefly.
  • Iron Maiden: Open lockers faster. Survivors leaving a locker have their location revealed and receive the Exposed status effect.
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In terms of other additions to the game, players get access to the latest Survivor, Jeff Johansen, and the new map, Ormand Slope Resort. The game also got a new upgrade to its graphical fidelity through an update to the Unreal Engine powering the game itself.

Dead by Daylight is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Check out the trailer for the upcoming update down below.

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