How to recruit Regiments of Renown in Total War Warhammer 2

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Total War Warhammer 2 has a lot of units, which makes sense with all of the RTS action within. The massive numbers of armies across the huge map offers tons of potential for different strategies. And as more DLC has been released for the game, those options have become even more numerous. One of these options is more elite than many others, and that’s the Regiments of Renown.

Regiments of Renown are elite units with much better stats than the standard units. Each regiment also gets one or more special abilities that its standard counterpart does not. They are difficult to recruit, but can also be recruited instantly. This makes them worth investment to actually unlock them. Here’s how to do that.

How to recruit Regiments of Renown

You can recruit them from the Regiments of Renown Recruitment panel. To access this panel, click the Recruit Regiments of Renown button, which appears next to the Recruit Units button in the Army Panel. You can also use these ultra-powerful units in Custom Battles. You can find them alongside the other units in the Unit Roster on the Custom Battle setup screen.

You can only recruit Regiments of Renown if your Lord has reached the rank needed to recruit the unit in question. Most Lords in Total War Warhammer 2   will unlock the full roster at Rank 30, others will also require a bit of campaign progress to unlock. If you notice options missing from the menu, make sure to have the right DLC installed; and also check your campaign progress.

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What DLC is required?

Each piece of DLC has its own associated Regiments of Renown. And since there’s so much DLC, you need to know where to look. Use the list below to figure out which DLC content you need to unlock each powerful unit. Each DLC pack adds its own options, so feel free to grab any that you like. There’s no need to grab all the DLC for this game, because that’s absurd.

  • The Grim and the Grave (Empire and Vampire Counts)
  • The Hunter and the Beast (Empire and Lizardmen)
  • The King and the Warlord (Greenskins and Dwarfs)
  • The Warden and the Paunch (Greenskins and High Elves)
  • Twisted and the Twilight (Wood Elves and Skaven)
  • The Prophet and the Warlock (Skaven and Lizardmen)
  • Shadow and the Blade (Dark Elves and Skaven)
  • The Queen and the Crone (High Elves and Dark Elves)
  • Chaos Warriors Race Pack ( You will need this DLC to access the race, thus their base regiments of renown)
  • Realm of the Wood Elves Pack (Required for their base regiments of renown)
  • Rise of the Tomb Kings (Required for the base Tomb King regiments of renown)
  • Norsica Race Pack  (Required for the base Norsica regiments of renown)
  • Bretonnia Race Pack ( Required for the base Bretonnian regiments of renown)
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