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CCP deploys massive changes to resources in EVE Online

EVE Online version 18.10 nerfs mining like crazy

The October 15th patch for EVE Online will have some pretty major ramifications for the economic outlook of New Eden. The days of relatively common bot-farmable Ores look to be on the way out. It looks like CCP wants to target bots by nerfing the ease of obtaining minerals through mining. This is primarily a targeted nerf to the most passive form of income generation in the game.

Version 18.10 is a version of the MMO that has been long-awaited, and mostly dreaded. by the EVE community. The game has been in desperate need of a resource rework for some time. Following a major shakeup of moon mining earlier this year, things are about to get chaotic. For far too long, mining for basic minerals has been too easy.

Now we’re staring down the barrel of a requirement to farm Triglavian content to get certain minerals in NullSec. The only other option for most regions is to import basic minerals from HighSec, something many people find distasteful.

It’s pretty clear that CCP wants to slow the flow of minerals in NullSec to reduce the power of Null blocs. The impacts of this won’t be felt right away, as some resource stockpiles need to be exhausted first.

But it’s not just NullSec getting hurt here. Ore Anomalies—the most plentiful sources of complex ores in HighSec and LowSec—are being removed from many systems entirely. Ice anomalies are also getting nerfed. That included Wormholes as well. And just to add salt to the wound by the pound, Ice and Gas products get a nerf as well.

Expect a wave of resource speculation and shortage for the next few weeks. The overarching impact of this is hard to predict but, it seems like many players will gravitate towards established groups with the industrial might to produce enough product to help offset the nerfs. At least that’s what it seems like many manufacturers have planned. Securing a steady source of minerals in a period of scarcity could lead to some very interesting shotgun diplomacy over the next little bit. Some players are also finding workarounds in HighSec by using the ore spawns in high-level missions.

Triglavian Dominance

The recent conclusion of the Invasion storyline was leaked. As the Triglavian Collective continues to cement their hold on conquered space, the plans CCP has in store become more clear. The new Triglavian menace brings with it both a major map change, but also, a pretty big shift in resource availability. The Ore DNA changes alone in Version 18.10 have a pretty big impact. Many sources of the basic minerals have been nerfed into the floor. All the ore calculations and economic plans of industrialist big and small will have to be reworked. The yields for other traditional NullSec ABC ores have been adjusted as well, with a minor buff handed to some areas, but it’s generally an overall nerf to output across the board.

The change here is that Triglavian ores will now become the best source in NullSec for Tritanium in particular. Expect a major price shift and fluctuation as this shakes out in-game. I wouldn’t be too surprised if we see some chicanery as players try to hoard the supply of Triglavian ores, and access to the systems that spawn them.

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Look below for the relevant section of changes from the patch notes. You can find the full 18.10 patch notes here.

Ore DNA Changes

Tritanium Pyerite Mexallon Isogen Nocxium Zydrine Megacyte Morphite
Veldspar 400 (-15)
Scordite 150 (-196) 90 (-83)
Pyroxeres 0 (-351) 90 (+65) 30 (-20) 0 (-5)
Plagioclase 175 (+68) 0 (-213) 70 (-37)
Omber 0 (-800) 90 (-10) 75 (-10)
Kernite 0 (-134) 60 (-207) 120 (-14)
Jaspet 150 (-200) 50 (-25) 0 (-8)
Hemorphite 0 (-2200) 240 (+140) 90 (-30) 0 (-15)
Hedbergite 450 (-550) 0 (-200) 120 (+20) 0 (-19)
Gneiss 2000 (-200) 1500 (-900) 800 (+500)
Dark Ochre 0 (-10000) 1360 (+1360) 1200 (-400) 320 (+200)
Crokite 0 (-21000) 800 (+800) 2000 (+2000) 800 (+40) 0 (-135)
Bistot 3200 (-8800) 1200 (+1200) 160 (-290) 0 (-100)
Arkonor 0 (-22000) 3200 (+3200) 1200 (-1300) 120 (-200)
Mercoxit 140 (-160)
Spodumain 48000 (-8000) 0 (-12050) 0 (-2100) 1000 (+550) 160 (+160) 80 (+80) 40 (+40)
Bezdnacine 40000 (+26800) 0 (-2200) 0 (-3780) 4800 (+3700) 128 (-57) 0 (-10)
Rakovene 40000 (+37800) 0 (-7200) 0 (-855) 3200 (+3200) 0 (-450) 200 (-70) 0 (-83) 0 (-2)
Talassonite 40000 (+27400) 960 (+504) 0 (-81) 32 (+19)

Asteroid Belt Changes

Hi Sec

  • Removed all variations of Omber and Kernite.

Low Sec

  • All variations of Veldspar have been removed
  • Quantity of all variations of Pyroxeres, Plagioclase and Kernite reduced by 75%
  • Quantity of all variations of Hedbergite increased by 400%

Null Sec

  • Removed all variations of Scordite, Plagioclase, Omber, Jaspet, Hemorphite, Hedbergite, Gneiss, Dark Ochre and Crokite.
  • Quantity of all variations of Kernite reduced by 75%
  • Quantity of all variations of Bistot reduced by 70%
  • Quantity of all variations of Arkonor reduced by 50%
  • Quantity of all variations of Mercoxit reduced by 90%

Ore Anomalies

Hi Sec

  • Removed all Ore Anomalies from High Security systems.

Low Sec

  • Certain Ore Anomalies are removed from Low Security systems.
  • Quantity of all variations of Gneiss and Dark Ochre in all Low Security Ore Anomalies increased by 300%
  • Quantity of all variations of Crokite in all Low Security Ore Anomalies increased by 9900%


  • Removed from all Wormhole Anomalies the following ores and their variations: Veldspar, Scordite, Plagioclase, Jaspet, Hemorphite, Hedbergite, Dark Ochre, Crokite, Mercoxit, Spodumain

Sovereign Ore Anomalies

Quantities and Ore Composition of all Sovereign Ore Anomalies are adjusted.

K-Space Gas Sites

  • The spawn probability of all Mykoserocyn sites has been reduced.
  • The spawn probability of Cytoserocin sites will be reduced.

W-Space Gas Sites

  • The respawn time for all Fullerite gas sites has been increased.
  • The spawn probability of all Fullerite gas sites has been reduced.
  • All Fullerite quantities in all sites have been increased by 100%
  • Certain Fullerite sites have been removed from higher class wormholes.

Ice Sites

  • The spawn probability of all Ice Sites has been reduced.
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