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Monster Hunter Rise free title updates planned, first adds Chameleos in April

Monster Hunter Rise will have free title updates

Monster Hunter Ris is almost here. Capcom has done a ton of work on the game, as well as marketing it, and fans are eagerly awaiting the new hunts that are in store. The developer has been hyping up the game with all of the new weapons and monsters coming.  Not only can the player ride a palamute and team back up with a Palico buddy, but the amount of weapons in the game has also exploded too.

Capcom has a lot of good news to share this week as well. The company has announced that there will be at least three major free title updates to the game. Following the lead from Monster Hunter World, the Switch game is getting multiple new monsters and zones as part of these releases. Details about the Monster Hunter Rise free title updates were released during the Monster Hunter Digital Event stream.

The first update is planned for April, shortly after launch, and includes a new monster, Chameleos. Nargaguca, Zinogre, and Mizutsune will also join the game in future updates. Chameleos is all about stealth and trying to ambush hunters, you will want to be careful when tackling this monstrosity. The trailer for the first update can be seen below.

Monster Hunter Rise free title updates will be a big part of the ongoing support for the new game as well. Since we’re seeing monsters from previous Monster Hunter titles, we could see some other new stuff as time goes on. Hunter ranks will likely go up as well, owing to new hunts being added.

Monster Hunter Rise is releasing for the Nintendo Switch on March 26. a second Monster Hunter Rise demo is scheduled to appear on March 11, 2021. This will be an extension of the first demo, so if you grabbed the original version, no need to download another package onto your console.

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