Null Sec Alliance DramaNull Sec Sov Fights

CFC Vs S2N + BL & Company


Fighting over an R64 POS in 6-4V20 in Cloud Ring broke out between the CFC and combined forces of N3/BL.  Fleet compositions on the N3/BL side seem to have been planned to counter CFC’s tactics well.  The overall damage to both sides was close in terms of ISK.

CFC Tengus + Harpies + Various Capitals VS S2N + BL & CO Cerberus + Various Capitals

The outcome was very even With Nulli Secunda and BL killing 31 Billion Isk and losing 33 Billion. The capital battle saw both sides lose 4 Dreadnoughts while the CFC lost slightly more carriers, losing 6 and killing 4. The CFC can claim victory as they had the edge in the Isk war, as well as were able to save their POS.


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