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PDXCON 2018 Tickets new games

Paradox Interactive

Paradox’s annual get together to show the world what’s coming up will take place between May 18th and 20th.

Tickets for the event are now on sale and range from 85 Euros to 495 Euros, but the more expensive packages have already sold out today.

The event takes place at the Nackastrand Factory and attendees can expect lectures from the devs, office tours, a LAN, parties, an office tour for those that can afford it, and more.

We know that there are to be a few new games to be announced, but not much about their actual content. Fans are also expecting some news about existing franchises like Stellaris or Hearts of Iron IV. A lot of the speculation seems to also hope for Victoria 3.

You can find a video from Paradox Interactive detailing the event and ticket info below, check it out:

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