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Alienware announces new game device, basically a Switch clone

The Concept UFO

Alienware and Dell have revealed their new concept for a gaming device– the Concept UFO–which is basically a new twist on a Windows 10 tablet, although real kicker is that this thing is almost a dead ringer for a knockoff the Nintendo Switch. I mean look at it, it really does look like those cheap Chinese consoles made to look like a Switch. If he hadn’t already ended up in court over his dropshipping scam, I would have expected Soulja Boy to release something like this.

Company senior VP Ed Ward teased that more details are coming, but since this is still an early design concept, not much was seen during CES 2020 on the Concept UFO. “We’re going to share some of the concepts that we’ve been working on,” Ward said. “You won’t be able to buy these anytime soon. Or maybe you will, you’ll just have to wait and see.”

The actual reveal happened during the CES 2020 segment for PC maker Dell, who is working with Alienware to design and produce the unit. If you want to see more of the new console/device in action, check out a teaser trailer below. We also included the full Dell CES 2020 video package below as well.

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CNET has gone hands-on with the Concept UFO, showing that it resembles a Switch in both form and function. According to their report, the device “looks and feels finished, with a high degree of polish.” It’s an all-white device with much sharper edges that the Switch, although the controller design is almost impossible not to compare. In all, it’s probably a custom Windows 10 tablet device that runs customs apps for games. No details on pricing or a release date yet.


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