How to Activate DRS in F1 2021

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DRS in F1 2021 is back, and it works very similarly to the previous game’s iteration. Drag Reduction Systems, or DRS for short, are a way that F1 cars can reduce their overall drag, increasing speed. You do lose downforce when DRS is on, so turning and corners are going to be a bit slidey. But if it’s used properly the DRS can massively help close the gap with leading cars on the track.

How to Activate DRS in F1 2021

DRS is a choice to use in this game, much as it was in the last time out. DRS Zones remain in the game, so you can only see the sections that use DRS on the track you’re in. Also, you must be within 1 second or less of the car in front to trigger DRS in F1 2021. This limitation is designed to keep races fair and competitive.

So when it comes to activating DRS in F1 2021, you have a choice. You can either use automatic mode and let the game handle it, or you can trigger it manually.

Manual DRS Activation

Assuming that you have the DRS Assist set to off, you can toggle DRS in F1 2021 by pressing the Triangle or Y button, depending on your console. If you changed your keybinds, this will obviously be different for you.

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The game will often signal you with an audio tone and on-screen marker when DRS can be activated. Turn you in-game volume up if you have trouble hearing the beep. When it comes up, you have the option to toggle DRS. You will see the marker and hear the tone when you are inside a DRS zone, that gives you the option to do it. It’s up to you if you want to use it.

Automatic DRS Activation

When you want the game to handle it, you have to turn on the Assists option for it. Go to the Settings option, then navigate to Assists. Down in the options is a label for DRS Assist. Turn it to On, and the game will handle DRS when you’re in a DRS zone.

So if you want to not worry about it, the automatic option is preferred. The game will more often than not turn on DRS when it can, so be prepared for that.

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