How to make the Crystal Battleaxe in Valheim

How to get Crystals in Valheim

The new Hearth and Home update just landed, and has added a bunch of new stuff to Valheim. You can use the new gear, armor and weapons to take on vicious new bosses. And of course, there’s tons of new stuff to make. Along with all of that, you also need new gear to take on much more dangerous threats. That process can take some time though, so use this guide to get a headstart.

How to make the Crystal Battleaxe in Valheim

The Crystal Battleaxe is one of the more powerful items in the game. You will need to get a lot of rare drops to get this weapon. And once you get it, things will be much easier. To make the Crystal battleaxe in Valheim, you will need to gather the following materials listed below.

  • 40 Ancient bark
  • 30 Silver
  • 10 Crystal 

The Ancient Bark is probably the easiest part of all this. You can get the ancient bark by heading into the Swamps and finding Ancient Trees. You need an upgraded tool to harvest these, but it’s a pretty easy task. This next step though, not so much.

To prepare for the next step, you need to defeat Bonemass, one of the game’s bosses. Beating this will give you the Wishbone, you need to find that to find Silver veins. That will come in handy later.

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The best way to find Crystal is to find Stone Golems. You can find Stone golems in the Mountain Biomes. These areas are some of the more difficult places to adventure in within Valheim. You will need to head here to find 10 Crystal to actually make the Axe. To get crystals in Valheim, you will need to hunt Stone Golems, These are most often found in Mountain Biomes. These are some of the most dangerous places, and you need to bring the right gear to survive. This way, you can get two of the items out of the way.

These items can help with the biting cold. Gather these up and get ready for both the dangerous attacks and climate:

  • Wolf armor
  • Wolf fur cape
  • Lox cape
  • Frost Mead
  • a good set of iron armor

It’s a lot of work, but you need to do it. Once you have the items in hand, take on the final crafting process and make the new weapon. Then, you can take it out and hack some foes to bits.

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