How to complete the Jekyll & Hyde Challenge in BitLife

How to get away with murder in BitLife

With the end of a week, comes a glorious weekend. And for gamers, that means time to invest in the hobby. Some developer also like to run events during this time, and that holds true for BitLife developer, CandyWriter. Players have jumped into the game and been greeted with a new challenge. For the next few days, you can claim a special cosmetic in-game by finishing the challenge. Keep reading to figure out how to get your hands on this reward by finishing theJekyll & Hyde Challenge in BitLife.

How to complete the Jekyll & Hyde Challenge in BitLife

The Jekyll & Hyde Challenge has four tasks you will need to complete:

  • Be born a male
  • Become a chemical engineer
  • Have perfect relationships with 10+ friends
  • Murder 3+ people by clubbing them

Start by making a male character, then go ahead and choose any starting nation. it really only matters that you have high smarts, as it makes getting the right job easier. Getting through school, make as many friends as you can, and keep up with them. Every chance you get, spend time with your friends via the option at the bottom of the Relationships tab. You must collect 10 friends and have a fully filled Relationship meter with each one. It’s best to get 15 or so to this point to counter the natural decay that happens in relationships.

To become a chemical engineer, you will need to go to college. Study well during your school and high school period by keeping your smarts stat high. You can keep the stat high by being obedient, reading books, and visiting the library. Choose your major as Chemistry and study hard. Once you graduate, go into the Jobs section to find the related Chemical Engineer option. If it doesn’t show up, age up and the jobs list should refresh. It will be listed as Engineer I when you get it.

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Now, here’s where things get messy. The option to commit murder can be found in the Crime menu, under Activities. When you pick the option, you will be asked to choose a target and a weapon. You need to kill off three people, so choose at random. The issue is the murder weapon, you need to pick Club from the dropdown list for possible weapons. It won’t always appear though, so you need to keep refreshing the list. If it doesn’t appear, you need to close the app and then choose another victim to force it to do so.

That’s how you finish up the Jekyll & Hyde Challenge in BitLife.

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