Can you tame striders in Minecraft?

Taming Striders in Minecraft

With all of the new content added in Minecraft 1.16, there has been a bunch of stuff that players can now enjoy. The various new biomes added a bunch of new mobs to fight and areas to explore. The new warped forest biome is one such area. Within that zone, and its eerie blue glows, you will find a new mob called striders.

Striders in Minecraft are brand new, so you’re going to want to learn all you can about them first. Striders are a very unique new addition that players can have some fun with. The animal is entirely passive, even if you attack it, so some would suspect that you can tame it. You can certainly feed it the strange blue fungus you find growing around the same Warped Forest biome. They will happily eat it, and like any other non-hostile mob, they will come together in breeding pairs when fed to produce offspring. That offspring takes about 20 minutes to grow, and can be fed to increase their growth rate.

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And no, you cannot tame Striders Striders in Minecraft as you can with other mobs in the game. You can’t tame a stride like you would a wolf, fox, cat, or the other animals. You can ride them with a saddle though. Simply click on them with the Saddle in-hand to mount them. Feeding them while riding them makes them more likely to obey your commands.

And if you want them to follow you, just simply walk around with their food in your hand. So take out some of that stange fungus and walk around, the animals should follow you.

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