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Rocket League will add Hot Wheels DLC and Season 9 content September 24

Rocket League Hot Wheels DLC Trailer

Rocket League is revving up for the ninth competitive season in-game, and with that comes a new batch of content and DLC to the popular arena-based sport racer.

As expected, there’s some new changes incoming for a variety of established game modes and mechanics, and all of this is in addition to the changes introduced as part of the new Rocket Pass progression system. Specifically, we’re looking at modifications to Dropshots, Hoops, Rumble and Snow Day that will see all of these modes added to the Competitive playlist rotation. This should increase match variety and replayability.

And with that ninth season of play, comes a new pack of DLC that’s the product of collaboration between Hot Wheels and Psyonix. There’s a selection of new vehicles and cosmetic toppers in this DLC pack, in terms of new cars, the pack includes three new cars: the Fast 4WD, Gazella GT, and MR11. The three new Toppers come in Spider, Snake, and Gorilla variants. There’s also a smattering of new cosmetic items to deck your rides out with as well.  The Triple Threat DLC pack will launch on the same day as Season 9, September 24, and cost $5.99 in total.

There’s also some minor tweaks like new music tracks and some bug fixes coming in the near future to Rocket League as well.

Check out the trailer for the new DLC pack down below. Rocket League is available now on PC, PS4, Xbox One, macOS, Linux, and Nintendo Switch.

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