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Grand Theft Auto V Vice City Remastered mod recreates Vice City

Vice City Remastered

Modder ‘lunchxbles’ has released Vice Cry: Remastered for Grand Theft Auto 5. As the title suggests, it’s a full remake of Vice City within Los Santos. Grand Theft Auto and Vice City fans should rejoice, because this is not some basic mod either. The game map and custom missions are there of course. But over the last four years, the modder has managed to recreate a ton of technical elements as well.

The visuals have also been retooled to offer a more consistent look with the 80s theme and setting. All new models and textures are applied into a new map that fully recreates the classic Vice City experience. It’s neon all the way down, as models have been given that pastel and bright look we all remember from the old game.

The backend code has also been redone a fair bit. Vice City Remastered has Material Accuracy, as well as full path and Navmesh support. This will mean that the game’s engine plays a little nicer with navigation through the levels themselves. A consistent Navmesh allows for better enforcement of boundaries within a level, which should reduce clipping issues and out-of-bounds problems for those playing the mod. Other areas of the game have been redone as well. There’s a full car generation algorithm to handle NPC vehicles for added immersion. The water reflection, grass textures and other visual details have been worked in as well.

So if you want to explore a classic game from years ago, with a totally new visual look just in time for 2020, here’s your chance. Vice City Remastered is out now, and those interested can download it from here.

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