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Two New Final Fantasy XV gameplay snippets show off visuals


Final Fantasy XV is actually coming along, something a lot of gamers probably never expected to hear. And now Square Enix has finally shown off more polished gameplay footage of the game in action. While the 1080p footage is rather rough, and the gameplay experience is clearly not refined, it’s still great to see the game being worked on after all these years.

Since the game has been in the works for years now, things are finally starting to take shape, much to the joy of fans that have waited nearly an entire decade for the game to come out. The game has taken quite the journey to get to where it is now. And that’s quite the story unto itself. The basics go like this though:

The game was originally show off in May 2006 when it was initially unveiled under the title Final Fantasy Versus XIII. After years in limbo with only tidbits of news being shown, many gamers and fans began to speculate that the RPG had been cancelled entirely. After years, the game was originally slated to drop in 2013 for the PlayStation 3, but that plan shifted. And now, Square Enix is planning to release the new sequel to their flagship franchise for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

You can see both of these new bits of Final Fantasy XV gameplay footage down below.

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