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Bus Simulator 18 has another major patch

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Still Alive Studios have been hard at work on improving Bus Simulator 18 since its recent release back in June, and today they released a new patch for the game.

Bus Simulator 18 added tons of new vehicles and locales to the franchise, and even added co-op missions, and focus in this patch has been mostly on improving performance and optimizing the look of the game. AI fixes and the addressing of bugs was also a priority for the devs.

You can read the announcement over on Steam.  Players seem generally happy with these changes.

Many other changes were made, so check out the full patch list below:

  • Numerous textures were optimized to reduce memory usage and loading times.
  • Cashier buttons can now be controlled with steering wheel buttons, but you need to take care to avoid double assignment.
  • Passenger pathfinding while boarding the bus has been improved.
  • If even with the improved pathfinding passengers clip into the stopped bus, starting to drive no longer generates a penalty.
  • If the player has Logitech drivers installed and they allow it in the settings, the pedal axis separation setting is automatically set to CombinePedals=false.
  • Added input rebinding widgets for IncreaseRetarderStrength and DecreaseRetarderStrength in the normal controls and steering wheel section.
  • Optimized pedestrian spawning/despawning logic to improve performance.
  • Tweaked update rate of audio volumes to improve performance.
  • Fixed issue that clients can no longer join a multiplayer company if too many buses have customization on them.
  • A bug in the traffic AI has been fixed, which caused NPC cars that did not have priority over the player to sometimes cut in right in front of the player.
  • NPC cars are now more reluctant to waive their priority to prevent situations where traffic no longer follows right-of-way rules because everyone is letting everyone else pass.
  • The player positions are now shown on the minimap.
  • Gamma settings are now remembered correctly.
  • Drive statistics now list all players that participated in a co-op mission.
  • When using Quick Start, the bus is placed much closer to the first bus stop if the stop is on a long road.
  • Reduced lag spike that occurred when loading a sublevel that contains parked cars.
  • Fixed lag spike caused by trains reaching the end of the tracks.
  • NPC character movement has been optimized to reduce the performance impact of having lots of passengers in the bus.
  • Movement of NPC cars has been optimized in a similar way to reduce their performance impact.
  • The map has been optimized to reduce GPU load.
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