How do Wards in Valheim work?

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Valheim is designed as a multiplayer game, which means you should hop on with your friends and go on an adventure. And sometimes, you won’t be playing with friends. And because Vikings aren’t always nice, there’s going to be some players who try to mess up your stuff. So if you want to prevent thieves, you need to use Wards in Valheim. Wards allow a player to protect a certain area, effectively marking out their base. Here’s what you need to know about them.

How do you make Wards in Valheim?

These wards are fairly easy to make, assuming you’re late enough into the game and have the resources. The Surtling Core is the hardest part to find. You will have to hunt around the Black Forest and Swamp biomes for them. Various dungeons will have the monsters that drop them, you just have to get lucky. Here are the resources you need to make them:

  • 5 Fine Wood
  • 5 Greydwarf eyes
  • 1 Surtling core

What can Wards in Valheim be used for?

Just as the name implies, they ward your property. Think of them as land claims. They allow players to protect certain areas from intruders. This will allow you to prevent some players from building too close to you, while also allowing you to restrict access.

Placing a ward inside a building that you’ve built will allow you to control access to other players. This can be placed to lock off important areas of your base. Placing these items outside will have a set radius where no other players can build You need to ring your property with these to get the best protection. They will also alert you if any building within the radius of a ward is damaged. This is great for protecting the area around your base.

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It’s not a perfect defense though, as other players can destroy these items once they’re placed. You should get a notification when this happens, as long as you’re paying attention. While you can’t directly destroy items, other players certainly can. And when that happens, your base could be under threat.

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