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Super Robot Wars T has some new gameplay courtesy of Taipei Game Show 2019

Super Robot Wars T Gameplay Trailer

The upcoming tactical RPG from B.B. Studio and Bandai Namco has some new gameplay footage to show during Taipei Game Show 2019.

And as any fan of mecha and giant robots would hope for, the game includes a whole stable of destructive war machines to stomp around with. There’s G Gundam‘s Domon and Gun x Sword‘s Van, in addition to many more. Of course, there’s more mecha anime and other properties involved too. Cowboy Bebop, Magic Knight Rayearth and Arcadia of My Youth and several more great entries will have a presence in this game, so that’s something for fans to get hyped about.

The Gespenst in Super Robot Wars T will be piloted by a brand new Original character with their own unique backstory, which will unfold over the course of this latest game. The game will also feature some unique music. One example seen during the show for Taipei Game Show was JAM Project’s “Tread on the Tiger’s Tail”, which Bandai Namco says they’ve recorded multiple localized versions, which is pretty cool.

Super Robot Wars T launches on March 20 on PS4 and Switch, with an English version available the same day via the game’s southeast Asia version. You can find the most recently released gameplay footage for the game down below. WE’ve also included the original gameplay trailer which announced the game down below.

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