How to use wells in Resident Evil Village

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Resident Evil Village has a metric ton of different puzzles and hidden items. From weapon upgrades to other useful equipment, you need to solve many puzzles to get through the game. Among the many hidden elements in the game, there are plenty that require a lot of backtracking. You will need to often find hidden puzzle pieces and take them back to the item you need to use them with. The wells in Resident Evil Village are one such part of this grand puzzle. You will need to find a way to raise them and claim the items inside. Here’s how to do that.

Scattered throughout the village in the game’s opening section, you will find wells, often missing handles. They’re usually marked by yellow accouterments of some kind. Like so many previous games in the iconic horror franchise, fans need some valve handles.  You may not find the valve handles or other parts you need right away though.

To use wells during the game, you need to get the Well Wheel. This item is found early in the game, and becomes a key item when you grab it.

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For one example, there’s a well in Resident Evil Village, quite early in the game, that you have to backtrack to. The handle is found after you get another item to move a tractor out of your path. There’s another in West Old Town, nearby to the Maiden of War statue. Using the Wheel on that well will give you the Wooden Animal (Head). You need that for another puzzle.

You can get the Wheel you need for that section by heading into the house just to the south of the Maiden of War. if you’re heading south from the Maiden of War statue, head down the road and take the right-hand path. There’s a house with a ladder attached, the item you need to raise the wells in Resident Evil Village is inside.

And if you pay attention, you can even hear that classic creaking handle sound effect from the earlier games layered into the background effects, listen close.

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