Guide to all meal recipes in Resident Evil Village

All meal recipes in Resident Evil Village, and what they do

Some of the meal recipes in Resident Evil Village are pretty easy to make. You need to harvest basic ingredients from the animals found around the map and cook them to get minor stat boosts. The basic stat increases that offer health boosts and damage reductions can be made from fish and poultry. You can get these from the fish and chickens found around the game world. There are also pigs you can grab meat from too.

The more advanced recipes that boost stats to a major degree require one-off ingredients that can be hard to find. First, let’s talk about how you can make each recipe.

Recipe Effect Ingredients
Herbed Fish Small overall health increase Fish x3, Poultry x2
Bird and Beast Pilaf More efficient damage reduction from guarding Poultry x4, Meat x1
Three-Flavored Mititei Larger overall health increase Fish x4, Poultry x2
Tochitura de Pui Largest overall health increase Poultry x4, Meat x3, Juicy Game x 1
Ciorba de Porc Much greater efficiency when guarding Fish x1, Meat x5, Quality Meat x1
Sarmale de Peste Increased movement speed Fish x6, Finest Fish x1

Now, let’s go through how you get each of the rare ingredients. These can be kind of hard to find unless you backtrack and clear each zone, so take your time.

How to get Finest Fish

The Finest Fish can actually be found near the Lone Road, which is the zone you end up in when you get out of Castle Dimitrescu. But don’t expect to get the speed boost from the item’s relevant recipe until much later in the game. When you first end up here, you will know it’s time to grab the Finest Fish when you get to a later point in the story. You will finally have the option of getting the Fine Fish when you fight Moreau. After dealing with this boss, you will need to cross a reservoir.

You need to pull the Dirty White, Blue then the Orange switch in that order to cross it. As you’re crossing be on the lookout for the monster and don’t get crushed. You will have to pull another lever that reveals a boat in the water. Go through the ship and clear the path to the windmill. inside is a ladder you need to unlock. First, destroy the lock on the ladder to go up. Go up into the windmill until you find the crank to unlock the next area. Head back down and use the crank. Get that crank and use it to lower a draw bridge to cross the gap.

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Follow the path along the right side of the Lone Road area to reach a second smaller boat. Once you make it through the area, it’s time to fish. Use the boat and hop out onto some rocks on the opposite side. There’s a small circular pool that has some fish in it. Shoot the golden fish in this pool to get Finest Fish for the Sarmale de Peste recipe. That will give you a movement speed boost.

How to get Quality Meat

Quality Meat is an item that can be harvested from a certain area in the game. When you’re around Luiza’s House later in the game, after you escape the castle, you can find a white pig nearby. This pig is an albino version of the pigs you get normal meat from. Just return to Fallow Plot and enter the house where you first encountered Luiza and her father.  Jump through the window that leads into the backyard and set off.

Look around the area for the white pig and take it out. Harvest the quality meat and then return to the Duke for the recipe. You can now permanently give Ethan a buff.

How to get Juicy Game

Juicy Game is one of the items that are pretty easy to miss in this game. After you have completed the section of the game dealing with House Beneviento, it’s about time to find the item. As you head back through the zone, there are a few alternate paths you can take, and one leads to this item.

There is a clue at one location in the game, the outhouse with a painting inside, but it’s just telling you where to go. You’re going to want to head back to the graveyard in the village and find that strange-looking bird. Just before the path that leads to the Altar, look up in the trees. You need to shoot the bird that you spot there and grab its meat. You can grab the item and take it back to the Duke to get the Tochitura de Pui recipe, which increases your health.

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