What is the combination code for the Workshop lock in Resident Evil Village?

What is the combination code for the Workshop lock in Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village has a metric ton of different puzzles and hidden items. From weapon upgrades to other useful equipment, you need to solve many puzzles to get through the game. One of the problems that some players are having trouble with is that pesky Workshop lock in Resident Evil Village.  You need to get through the workshop to get past a certain point in the game, here’s what to do.

When you get into the main village, you will see a “Do Not Enter” sign on the door that you need to get through. You can use the knife to bypass the door and open it up. THen you will see a small workshop on the left of the area. There’s a locked container in the back of the room. To find the code, you can search around the room and you will find some interesting stuff.

There is a small scrap of paper on a table that says “Look out the window”. Players who look out the window will trigger an attack from some enemies. You do need to do this to progress, but it won’t lock you out of the workshop. Go back into the area and look out that same window again. On the nearby wall, you will see a mess of numbers scrawled on it.

And in that mess, you will see the numbers 07-04-08. That’s the code you need for the locked container. Use that code on the locker to open it and you will find the M1911 handgun inside. in this game, it’s a very solid handgun and it upgrades pretty well. The other item inside is the jack handle that you need to use on a nearby puzzle. There’s an obstruction nearby that involves moving a tractor where that jack handle will be useful. Head over there and get to the rest of the game.

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That’s it! You’ve solved the puzzle and can move on through the rest of this great game.

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