Save PS5 storage space by disabling Trophy Videos

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PS5 storage space is at a premium, given the massive size of next-gen games. And if you plan to have a large digital library you may want to pay attention to this guide. There’s a new feature with the console that’s doomed to eat up storage space as time goes on, and you should turn it off. The PS5 has a feature that records a 15-second video clip whenever you earn a new trophy. It’s cool to have a recorded form of the moment, but who really wants to waste precious Megabytes on a video clip that most gamers won’t even watch?

So to save PS5 storage space, here’s how to disable the Trophy Video Capture feature.

How to Turn off Trophy Video Capture

With the PS5 turned on, press up on the left thumbstick until you highlight Games on the Home screen. Open the Settings menu within this section and select Captures and Broadcasts at the bottom. If you select Trophies from the list that opens up, you can then select Save Trophy Videos from the settings list. Press X to disable capture from the menu.

But if you’re the kind of gamer that thinks the Trophy Video Capture feature is pretty cool, you can just leave them in place. And if you want to have a longer video record, you can do that too. You can extend the duration of each video to 30 seconds by going into the Media Gallery and selecting the option to view trophies. In there, you will find all of the trophy videos captured which you can share, edit, or manage from this menu. There will be an option there to alter settings wherein you can change the duration.

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Keep in mind, any trophies you earned on the PS4 will carry over, but there obviously won’t be any videos for those moments. Even still, as long as you’re the kind of gamer to like tracking achievements and the like, it’s pretty cool that everything is going to be kept as you had it. You can view your trophies by clicking your PSN profile picture if you want to relive those memories.

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