Genshin Impact — Dainsleif Questions and Answers

Bough Keeper: Dainsleif quest guide

Genshin Impact 1.3 has landed, bringing with it a bunch of new quests. Some of them hint at overwhelming powers in the dark, others revealed parts of the history of the world. The Bough Keeper quest looks to be all about the player character. Dainsleif, a new character, has shown up with some very interesting past behind him. You have to talk to him during this quest, and he will ask you some very strange questions. And then you can get started on Bough Keeper proper.

The fact of the matter is, Dainsleif’s answer’s don’t really matter. You can give Dainsleif any of the listed responses, and it shouldn’t have any impact on the story. This NPC is very mysterious, as they seem to have some connection to the player character, although we don’t know exactly what that is. So with that in mind, here are the questions and the answers he will give you.

Dainsleif Questions and Answers

First question

“The crisis Mondstadt faced was resolved by an alliance between yourself and that…Anemo Archon who calls himself Venti. Who, in your view, was the key to ending that crisis?”

  • It was Venti
  • It was me
  • The unity of Mondstadt’s people gave us the victory

Second question

“Rex Lapis, who has defended Liyue Harbor for millenia on end, used his Gnosis to play down a Contract to End All Contracts, of which the stipulations are unknown. Who do you think will defend Liyue Harbor in the future, now that they’ve lost their deity?”

  • The adepti
  • The Liyue Qixing
  • Everyone in Liyue Harbor

Third question

“This world has people who gained Visions, and those who did not. Which of the two do you think hold more importance in the eyes of the gods?”

  • Those with Visions
  • Those without Visions.
  • Perhaps…none of them do.
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What’s next in the Bough Keeper quest?

When you answer the three questions, you will be directed into the next phase. You will need to take him to the Temple of the Falcon just outside Mondstadt to continue. Bring a solid party that has a good mix of both Cryo and Hydro attacks in your party. This will help with the enemies you’re about to face. Head straight outside the city gates and continue past the t-junction in the road. The temple is just past that. Dainsleif will meet you there.

When you head inside the next zone, you will be directed to look elsewhere for the enemy you seek. Next, head to Wolfhaven. The new NPC will once again meet you outside the POI’s nearby marker on the map. You will be told to seek out the bonfires in the local area for clues. This time, you’re in for a fight as a few waves of different enemies will attack you.

After the enemies are dispatched, you’re on the move again. Dainsleif wants to head one more place, Stormterror’s Lair. Going to the waypoint on your map and speaking with him again will trigger the final sequence of the Bough Keeper quest. You will need to once again hunt down a marked clue after defeating some foes. Head up onto the cliffs and look for the plant that the traveler is asking for.

You will then get a cutscene when the quest completes here. You will see a flashback of the opening fight from the very start of the game, and the traveler will say farewell for now.

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