How to play the Darkening of Tristram event in Diablo 3

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The Darkening of Tristram event in Diablo 3 is back once again. Players can play through classic boss fights and earn cosmetic rewards for doing so. Players take on a winding dungeon with 16 floors, filled with loot and demons. The dungeon is basically a recreation of the original acts of Diablo. It’s not the full game, but a nice little reward for long-time fans. Players can head to Tristram and experience many of the old bosses. The Darkening of Tristram event is essentially one long dungeon where players fight many bosses. Here’s how to get to it.

How to play the Darkening of Tristram event in Diablo 3?

To access the dungeon, you need to open Adventure Mode. This mode is unlocked when you beat the campaign the first time on PC and some consoles.  Head to the Old Ruins waypoint in Act 1 in adventure mode. Head south from the waypoint spawn, looking for the blue portal marked “Tristram”. This will begin the event.

The main focus of the event is the huge Labyrinth, this 16-floor dungeon is basically a gauntlet of all the bosses and areas from the previous games. Each zone has small side areas that contain hidden puzzles and bosses, as well as references to the last couple of games. The biggest timesink during this run is the amount of backtracking.

The Labyrinth’s 15 first levels are just simple paths, with the levels of 10-15 being mostly bosses. Bring a good build that can handle low-level Rifts and you should be fine. Getting to the Unholy Altar involves finding two stones of Lazarus and interacting with them. This will spawn you into two different fight with a ton of enemies and another boss. Beating these will spawn the portal to Level 16 of the Lab. You must then fight your way past several switches that spawn a horde of mobs. Take out each group and then activate the last switch. The Dark Lord will charge into the room.

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As for build tips, this event should be pretty easy for any decently geared build. I just ran it on Expert with a freshly-leveled 70 Necromancer, no real problems. A few of the packs on the later levels could do with better single target damage. Corpse Explosion Necro seems really OP for the Darkening of Tristram. It’s good to bring a good CC that will lock the Dark Lord in place. As long as you have decent single-target DPS, probably enough to easily defeat Maltheal, you should have no trouble nuking this event’s bosses.

You can also find Cultist Pages during this event. These can be traded in to unlock certain rewards. You need to finish the Darkening of Tristram dungeon and collect the seven pages to get the rewards.

And though the loot from all the mobs isn’t too good, there are a few things you can gain from running this event. A few glowing blue rocks can be found inside the Labyrinth, crack them to get a bunch of Gems. If you’re level 70 this can be a great way to get some Marquee Gems in abundance. Also, the number of mobs is a good source of Paragon XP.

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