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Assassin’s Creed Unity gets massive third patch to make things right

Assassin’s Creed Unity gets massive third patch

The newest patch for Assassin’s Creed Unity is a huge one. The game has had a ton of issues since launch, and Ubisoft has been trying to patch things over. The game has a ways to go though, judging by the sheer volume of bugs found. This patch alone deals with more than 300 bugs and other issues. There are also performance fixes as well.

The PC performance focus has helped improve various forms of rendering and increase FPS. Overall, PC gamers should notice that  Assassin’s Creed Unity is less resource-intensive and can deal with particle effects a bit better, Beyond that, gameplay got a ton of attention. Camera issues were one sore spot for many players, as were clipping issues and other bugs.  Some of these should be less common now.

The patch will deploy via  Live Update on PC first. We should see a console patch at some point soon.

Check out the full patch note here.

Assassin’s Creed Unity Third Patch Notes

Stability and Performance

  • Fixed numerous random crashes in Campaign and Co-op modes
  • Fixed specific framerate drops
  • Improved task scheduling
  • Tweaked performance for Reach High Points (Synchronization)

Gameplay (Navigation, Fight and Stealth)

  • Fixed various navigation issues where players could get stuck
  • Fixed various haystack issues
  • Fixed various cover issues
  • Fixed various camera issues
  • Fixed various animation issues
  • Fixed various Booster issues
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AI & Crowd

  • Fixed various animation issues
  • Fixed various detection issues
  • Fixed various crowd station issues (bonfires)

Matchmaking, Connectivity and Replication

  • Fixed various matchmaking issues
  • Fixed various host migration issues (hand-off occurs more smoothly)
  • Fixed join-in-progress issues
  • Fixed various replication issues between host and clients
  • Fixed various issues in the My Club menu

Menus and HUD

  • Fixed various menu issues and pop-up overlap issues
  • Fixed Mission objective & updating issues
  • Fixed issues in customization menu
  • Fixed some localization inconsistencies in menus
  • Fixed some issues in the credits

Mission Tweaks (Campaign, Co-op and Side Content)

  • Fixed various low-repro walkthrough breaks
  • Fixed various NPC navigation issues
  • Fixed inconsistencies in some missions

World and 3D

  • Adjusted various collisions and navigation mesh issues

Progression and Difficulty

  • Adjusted various Community Event rewards
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