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Outlaws of the Wild West announced in new trailer

Outlaws of the Wild West Trailer

China-based publisher, Snail Games, has announced a new game. Their newest outing is an open-world sandbox set in the closing days of the Wild West in the 19th century. This new survival-oriented multiplayer title is the product of Virtual Basement. This company is most known for working on another game in the genre, ARK – Survival Evolved.

And much like ARK – Survival Evolved, Outlaws of the Wild West brings a ton of crafting, customization options and survival mechanics to a massive and thematic open world. The 19th century setting forces players to keep their wits about them and learn to use their weapons effectively in order to stay alive. Along the way, players will craft, mine, forage cook and more to get all the tools and resources they need to build their life on the frontier.

The environment itself is also really varied, with deserts, plains, swamps, and mountains dotting the landscape to breathe life into the digital world. Players can carve out a corner of this world as their own too. Land and resources will be purchasable by players on a server with up 150 people, creating a recipe for some pretty intense competition.

The goal is to use this chaotic setting as a backdrop for allowing players to forge their own world. These players will form into groups and can construct unique camps, forts, and even towns. The goal is pretty clear, organic conflict in a chaotic setting. Snail Games and Virtual Basement envision a thriving rivalry among different player factions, we’ll just have to wait and see how the final game attempts to realize this vision.

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Check out the trailer for the new game down below. Outlaws of the Old West comes to Steam Early Access on March 12th. Check out the official site for more news about this new game.

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