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Destiny 2 loves its various events and timed challenges. Players can find a bunch of stuff to do. Festival of the Lost has returned to Destiny 2 bringing with it much more than just a few simple quests. Players have a bunch of new stuff going on that players can hunt. Eva has a resurgent storyline that causes players to find some haunted new environs. The goal is to take out ghostly enemies and farm for some unique items. This guide will explain to you what you need to do to earn Manifested Pages in Destiny 2.

The first thing you need to go do is get an event mask. There are six masks available for candy at Eva Levante, the Festival of the Lost vendor.  You can spend Candy to get a Festival of the Lost mask. There are also two new masks available within the Eververse store if you’re looking to spend some silver. Candy can be earned by completing events and killing Headless Ones while not wearing one.

You will need a mask to earn the first part of this process, Spectral Pages. You have to go out and complete Strikes, Gambits and other in-game missions to earn these pages, all while wearing a mask.

Now that you have some pages, it’s time to convert them. Here’s how the basic process works for converting pages:

  • Acquire Spectral Pages in activities while wearing a Festival of the Lost mask
  • Start the Haunted Sector activity
  • Complete the Summoning Ritual within the Haunted Sector
  • Defeating Headless Ones will convert your Spectral Pages into Manifested Pages
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When you have enough Spectral Pages, you need to bring those into a Haunted Sector to convert them. This process is based on using the Summoning Rituals and killing the Headless Ones brought forth. Do that enough times, and all of your Spectral pages will transform. You can also earn Manifested Pages from the chests you loot from the Haunted Lost Sectors after completing it.

Once you have Manifested Pages in Destiny 2, they can be slotted into the Book of the Forgotten for various rewards.

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