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GTA 5 Alien UFO Found, and Rockstar Pushes July 4 Update


After Rockstar and Take-Two attacked the Grand Theft Auto modding scene, by issuing a cease and desist to Open IV; the community reacted pretty poorly. The Steam ratings for GTA V plummeted, and Take-Two eventually backed off. Now Rockstar are attempting to repair the damage with what they hope players will view as a cool themed update.

Rockstar’s new update for Grand Theft Auto Online is all about Independence Day, a holiday Americans will be celebrating through the weekend and, some, until Tuesday. The goods, which are now live, include an adversary mode dubbed “Dawn Raid,” where two teams of up to six people can parachute into a combat zone and shoot it out to collect hidden packages. And, since this is a 4th of July-themed update after all, you’ll also get a bunch of patriotic Stars and Stripes swag, with some new vehicles and weapons thrown into the mix too. Expect the new supercars to cost a pretty penny though. That MTX cash will keep rolling in as it will likely cost a few million dollars of GTA Online currency to snag the new Dewbauchee Vagner.

But modding woes and patriotic updates aren’t all that’s shaking up the GTA V community this week.

Dataminers have been hunting for references to aliens scattered throughout GTA V for months now. And their quest seems to have finally paid off. Within the recent Gunrunning update code, references to an unknown series of in-game events were buried. Groups of easter egg hunters dug through the game code and correlated these references  to in game missions. Farming these missions eventually led players to a single mission that had them chasing alien eggs. You can watch the video of their shenanigans, and the first reveal of the aliens, below. The ultimate moment of the aliens getting gunned down is the most American response I can think of. So Happy 4th of July to the universe from GTA V players I guess.

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