How to complete Summoning Rituals in Haunted Sectors

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Destiny 2 loves its various events and timed challenges. Players can find a bunch of stuff to do. Festival of the Lost has returned to Destiny 2 bringing with it much more than just a few simple quests. Players have a bunch of new stuff going on that players can hunt. Eva has a resurgent storyline that causes players to find some haunted new environs. You can gather up Candy and get some unique masks, as well as get some special cosmetic items. The event centers on the new round of Haunted Sectors. A big part of these missions involves finding and completing Summoning Rituals. Here are some details on what to do when you encounter these mechanics.

To make this whole thing work, you need to gather a few things. You need to first get Spectral Pages by playing Public Events, Bounties, Crucible Matches, Gambit activities, or Strikes. They can only drop when you are wearing a Festival of the Lost mask during play. So for the first phase, just go out and play to get some Pages.

You then need to convert those Spectral variants into Manifested Pages. You can get these During Haunted Sectors. Since the  Festival of the Lost event centers on the Haunted Sectors, you’re going to be doing a ton of those as you play. This conversion process is based on using the Summoning Rituals and killing the Headless Ones brought forth.

The Summoning Ritual is a bright glowing green altar made of candles that spawns randomly in the mission. But first, you need to charge it to summon the Headless Ones. All you have to do is stand around them, wait for the Summoning Ritual to charge, and then kill the newly spawned enemy. These can be kind of tough if you don’t have a good amount of heavy weapons and coordination, so bring along a solid squad.

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