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Warframe Operation Scarlet Spear Overview

Warframe Operation Scarlet Spear

Warframe Operation Scarlet Spear launches this month, and players want to know the details of what the new expansion includes. The new expansion introduces a bunch of different and reworked mechanics, and as DE has teased in their recent dev streams, there’s a lot more coming to the game than fans realize. The biggest focus for the upcoming patch is a series of combat mechanics being retooled and made more accessible.

Combat and Mission Changes

Self-damage as it exists in Warframe currently will no longer be a thing in Operation Scarlet Spear.  This system is being replaced with a Stagger system that afflicts the player with a movement penalty that makes the self-damage easier to deal with in a panic, but just as deadly if used at the wrong time.

The Railjack spacecraft introduced in Rising Tide will also be getting a redo.

The Rising Tide questline will remain as it is, but Digital Extremes is tweaking some things. The BP costs will be reduced between 66% and 75% for the cost to the Railjack parts, with the building time will be reduced to six hours each. Any players who have yet to build their Railjack but have BPs will have the new values applied when the patch drops. Any differences in BP costs will be refunded for those who have partially or fully completed the quest line. And regardless of whether you have partially or fully completed the quest line, you will get some free Rush Repair Drones. The Railjack missions will be tied into the lore of the game a bit more as well.

Finally, Mods can now be shared between both Weapons and Sentinels. This means that you won’t need two damage mods to buff both of your main weapon and your support minion after the launch of Warframe Operation Scarlet Spear.

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Health and shields of excavators will now follow the same format as Mobile Defense Terminals. Shield regeneration will be a percent of health versus flat value because of scaling shields. And speaking of mission types, any mission featured Infested enemies will be getting a damage increase making them a little tougher.

Shield Gating

Shield Gating is an upcoming mechanic where as long as the player has a shield, they cannot be one-shotted by an enemy. Ths makes overpowered enemies a slightly less vicious threat, thanks to the precious seconds you now have to respond to a big threat before it eats your shield away. When this action procs, the player also gains a limited-time invulnerability effect as well. Be aware though, some tougher enemies have a weakened form of Shield Gating as well.

The shield and armor reworks being teased also include a nerf to Slash damage, as it will no longer bypass protections and deal direct health damage, it has to chew through shields first.

And if you want a more meme-tastic presentation of these changes, check out the excellent Devstream Abridged for Devstream 139 below.

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